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Review Ice Rink 2021/22 ⛸️

First shopping, then skating!

From 26 November 2021 until the end of January 2022, children and adults could once again practice figure skating free of charge on the 1,000 square meter ice rink at Ebisquare in front of the Mall of Switzerland. This season, we welcomed over 100,000 visitors.🤩

Many highlights and a great program like Ice Carving, Ice Skating and various concerts delighted our visitors 🤩🤩 🏒🧊⛸️.

We donated a large part of the proceeds to the LZ-Weihnachtsaktion for a good cause.

Now we are already looking forward to the next season and hope again for many young and old skaters ❄️🤩 ⛸️

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