Shopping mall: Closed |
Leisure building: today open until 11:30 pm
Shopping mall: Closed |
Leisure building: today open until 11:30 pm


Whether by train, bus, bike or car: the Mall of Switzerland is quick and easy to reach


  • Bus


    Public transport is an extremely easy and convenient way to visit the Mall of Switzerland. The “Fildern” stop at Ebisquare is served by bus lines 1, 23 and 111.

  • Train


    The Mall of Switzerland is easy to reach by train and has its own railway station. The S1 commuter line from Lucerne to the “Buchrain” station takes less then 10 minutes. Our shopping mall is also just a quick trip from Zug.

  • Car


    From the A14 motorway, take the “Buchrain” exit to reach the Mall of Switzerland. Continue following the street toward Ebikon until you see a sign for the entrance to the car park (clearance of 2.10 m). The cantonal road connects the Mall to both Lucerne and Zug.

    Mall of Switzerland
    Ebisquare-Strasse 1
    6030 Ebikon


    Car park prices

    TimeCost in CHF
    0 - 3 hCHF 2.00
    3 - 4 hCHF 3.00
    4 - 5 hCHF 5.00
    5 - 5.5 hCHF 8.00
    5.5 - 6 hCHF 11.00
    Every additional hour - up to a max. of  CHF 35.00CHF 6.00

    The car park is open 24 hours a day for your convenience.

  • Bicycles


    Getting to the Mall by bike is easy:


    Parking spaces

    The entrance to the large bicycle parking garage, which features space for 155 bikes and an e-bike charging station, is located right by Ebisquare (to the right of the main entrance).

    Another 250 bicycle parking spaces, some of which covered, can be found dotted across the Mall grounds.



    There are two Nextbike locations in front of the Mall of Switzerland:

    •     Mall of Switzerland - Entrance doctor's surgery
    •     Mall of Switzerland - "Fildern" bus stop

    You can find more information about Nextbike here.

  • On foot

    On foot

    Click here to find the fastest routes for reaching the Mall on foot:



Mall of Switzerland

Ebisquare-Strasse 1
6030 Ebikon

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