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Center Services

  • Infopoint


    Welcome to the customer information counter of the Mall of Switzerland. The Infopoint is located on Mall’s 1st floor and is where you’ll find expert advice to help you make the most of your visit – where to find a specific shop, a special item and much more. 

    Please don’t hesitate to come to us with questions or concerns – we’re happy to be of assistance. Our customer information counter is open during the Mall’s regular opening hours.

    If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Infopointpoint team on +41 (0)41 349 60 00 or by sending an e-mail to info(at)mallofswitzerland(.)ch.

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  • Charging stations

    Charging stations

    Mobile phone charging stations

    You’ll find mobile phone charging stations in all Zippsafe locker facilities and at the Infopoint located on the Mall’s 1st floor. All lounge areas in the Mall of Switzerland also feature extra jacks where you can charge your devices. Lounge areas are located on every floor.

    Electric vehicle charging stations

    The Mall of Switzerland is happy to provide you with free access to electric vehicle charging stations. Use your Mall visit as a chance to recharge your electric car or e-bike. Electric charging stations (for cars) are located in the car park and are freely accessible. Up to four electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously at the electric charging stations. You do not need to reserve time in advance. You’ll find an electric charging station for your e-bike on the Mall’s ground floor (bike garage). The plugs at the charging points are compatible with most standard types of sockets.

    We kindly ask you to use the available parking spaces of the electric car charging stations only for the active charging process.

  • Automated teller machines (ATMs)

    Automated teller machines (ATMs)

    LUKB Bancomat (ATM) – ground floor (across from Migros/Denner)

    You can use Luzerner Kantonalbank’s ATM at the Mall of Switzerland to withdraw Swiss francs and euros during shop hours.

  • Lockers and cloakrooms

    Lockers and cloakrooms

    You don’t have to haul bags full of your purchases around with you at the Mall of Switzerland. Use one of our complementary lockers to put your purchases or personal belongings in safe storage. The lockers  are located on the Mall’s  ground floor by the Ebisquare entrance as well as on the 1st and 3rd floors.

    We also provide free cloakrooms, which can be found at the entrance to the MedCenter, at the P2 exit and at the SBB exit on the ground floor of the Mall.

    Terms of Use Cloakroom and Lockers

    1. Liability

    The use of the checkroom and lockers is at your own risk. No liability is accepted for the contents of locked items such as bags.

    2. Use

    Money, valuables, official identity documents as well as animals or perishable or dangerous objects and substances as well as open containers with drinks and edibles may not be deposited in the checkroom and lockers. There is no entitlement to long-term use.

    3. Opening and emptying

    The checkroom and lockers are emptied daily by the security service after the center closes. If the lockers are not emptied after the center closes, the items contained therein will be stored in the lost and found office for one week after they are found and disposed of after this period has expired. An express request to vacate or a prior notice is not required.

    4. Acknowledgement

    The user of the checkroom and locker accepts the above provisions as binding by using a checkroom and locker.

    Center Management Mall of Switzerland, January 2021

  • Gift cards

    Gift cards

    Mall of Switzerland gift cards are a perfect present for any occasion. They can be redeemed in many stores as well as shopping and leisure areas.
    You have the choice between the Mall of Switzerland gift card, which you can obtain and load at our info point on the 1st floor of the mall, or do you prefer a gift card designed individually to your needs?
    Then use our special gift card vending machine, which allows you to do so. With an individual design you will trigger a special enthusiasm in your loved ones.

    You can order your gift card online using the following link.
    Here to the webshop

  • Lost & found

    Lost & found

    Have you forgotten, lost or found something at the Mall of Switzerland? Any items found are kept at the Infopoint.

    If you have any questions, please contact our Infopoint-team on Tel. +41 (0)41 349 60 00 or by writing to us at info(at)mallofswitzerland(.)ch.

  • Umbrella service

    Umbrella service

    Umbrellas are available for purchase for only CHF 4.90 at the Infopoint. 

  • Click & Collect

    Click & Collect

    “Click & Collect” lets you order merchandise from the websites of the individual shops for delivery to the Mall’s Infopoint. That way, you can pick them up at your convenience on your way to the car park or after work. This service is available through the Swiss Post and DPD.

    How the Swiss Post’s PickPost location works:

    • Register at and create a customer login
    • Use your personal Swiss Post login to define your PickPost location: Mall of Switzerland
    • Swiss Post will assign you a User ID
    • The next time you place an online order, enter the following address along with your personal
      • User ID
      • Title First name Surname
      • PickPost your User ID
      • Ebisquare-Strasse 1
      • 6030 Ebikon

    How DPD Pickup works:

    Will you be away from home when DPD delivers your parcel?
    Then go online to where you can select your delivery option of choice.
    Enter your parcel number and select the Mall of Switzerland as the Pickup location.
    Your parcel will be delivered to the Mall of Switzerland and can then be picked up from the Infopoint.

  • Post/letters


    The (Swiss Post) letter box is located right in front of the Mall of Switzerland, near the “Fildern” bus stop with departures to Lucerne.

  • Childcare


    Kids do crafts, parents do shopping!

    More info here

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  • Restroom


    Spacious, contemporary WC facilities for men and women are located on every floor of the Mall of Switzerland. Wheelchair-accessible toilets are also available for people with limited mobility.

  • Wheelchair rental

    Wheelchair rental

    Wheelchairs can be reserved at the Servicepoint on the ground floor and rented at no charge. 

  • Baby changing facilities and nursing room

    Baby changing facilities and nursing room

    You’ll find baby changing facilities and nursing rooms on the ground floor and 3rd floor of the Mall.

  • MedCenter


    MedCenter AG is a surgery (doctor’s office) that provides a full array of general practitioner services to patients both with and on a walk-in basis.

    Two to three physicians are on duty at all times to provide consultations in six stylish rooms and a well-equipped emergency room. The surgery has its own high-tech lab, a digital X-ray machine and a well-stocked chemist’s. 

    The surgery in the Mall of Switzerland is located on the ground floor (to the left of the main entrance) and can be accessed directly from outside the Mall through a separate door. Another door is located on the ground floor of the Mall.

    Praxis Mall of Switzerland
    Mall of Switzerland
    Ebisquare-Strasse 1/16
    6030 Ebikon

    Tel. +41 (0) 41 227 07 07


    Mall map
  • Defibrillator locations

    In the event of an emergency, you can find our defibrillators at these locations:

    • Mall ground floor: Next the Med Center and next to the car park registers on P0
    • Mall 1st floor: Infopoint and at the entrance from P2 to the Mall
    • Mall 2nd floor: Entrance from P4 to the Mall
    • Mall 3rd floor: Entrance from P6 to the Mall
    Mall map
  • Mall-wide Wi-Fi

    Mall-wide Wi-Fi

    Every area of the Mall of Switzerland features free Wi-Fi service for your convenience. Login is quick and secure, after which you can enjoy our fast Internet connection throughout the entire building

  • Parking


    The Mall of Switzerland’s car park has more than 1,600 parking spaces. Parking spaces for disabled visitors and families are available on all levels of the car park.


    Car park prices

    TimeCost in CHF
    0 – 3 h 2.00
    3 – 4 h 3.00
    4 – 5 h 5.00
    5 – 5.5 h 8.00
    5.5 –6 h11.00
    Every additional hour - up to a maximum of CHF 35.00 6.00

    The car park is open 24 hours a day for your convenience!



  • Eco-friendly car wash service

    Eco-friendly car wash service

    Eco-friendly, water-saving car wash and valet service in the car park of the Mall of Switzerland. 

    If you’re interested in taking advantage of our car wash services, we recommend scheduling them during another appointment, shopping trip or while you’re working. We clean your vehicle inside and out and apply a high-tech nano sealant to the paint. Give our eco-friendly cleaning method a try on car park level 0 (P0).

    Car wash, car cosmetics (valeting), interior valet, exterior valet, nano-wax sealant (polished by hand), rim cleaning, sanitisation (odour removal), animal hair removal, spot removal (water-based seat cleaning).

    Mall map
  • Information about the Mall

    Information about the Mall

    Covering a total rental space of 65,000 square metres, the Mall of Switzerland is the second-largest shopping and leisure center in Switzerland. With its own train and bus stop, a motorway exit leading directly to the multi-level car park and a large bicycle parking facility, the Mall one of the best-connected shopping centers in Switzerland.

    The Mall’s forward-looking concept brings together an attractive mix of shops, restaurants and remarkable leisure and sport facilities including the largest Kinderland indoor playground in a shopping center, the first indoor surfing facility in Switzerland, the largest IMAX screen in Switzerland and a multiplex cinema with 12 screens. The Mall of Switzerland’s more than 80 tenants employ more than 1,000 people.

  • Mall rules

    Mall rules

    Dear Guests to the Mall of Switzerland,
    We want you to feel at home when you visit, but for that to happen, we first have to set a few things straight. The following rules apply to all shopping center grounds, including the areas outside the building.

    1. No smoking is allowed anywhere inside the building. Smoking is only permitted in the specially designated areas on the terrace (3rd floor).
    2. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed anywhere outside the Mall’s restaurants and other establishments where food and drinks are served.
    3. Begging and pets are not allowed.
    4. No peddling, busking, playing of pre-recorded music, presentations or events are allowed without the written permission of Center Management.
    5. The written permission of Center Management is also required in order to pass out advertisements, hang posters, conduct customer surveys, take
      pictures, make videos, etc.
    6. Roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, bicycles, etc. may not be ridden/used anywhere on the property for reasons of safety. Bicycles may not be pushed through the mall, either. Exceptions to these rules are subject to the approval of Center Management.
    7. Dogs must be kept on a lead and any messes must be cleaned up by the dog’s owner.
    8. Guests may only sit in the seating areas provided; sitting on stairs or the floor is not permitted.
    9. Seating areas must not be occupied for extended periods of time and may not be used for sleeping.
    10. Anybody who engages in vandalism, malicious damage or the misuse of the Mall’s facilities, including those in public areas such as WCs, sanitary facilities, etc. will be banned from the Mall. We reserve the right to initiate proceedings under civil and/or criminal law.
    11. Anybody found on the grounds of the Mall of Switzerland after having been removed from the facility by Center Management or its agents can be prosecuted for trespassing.
    12. Our visitors may must neither hinder nor harass nor endanger third parties through their conduct. Violations may be punished as trespassing.
    13. The disposal of waste and rubbish is prohibited on the entire grounds and in the car park. Violations will be punished and any additional costs will be passed on to the party responsible.
    14. Any instructions given by Mall of Switzerland staff must be followed at all times.
    15. The Mall is monitored by video surveillance cameras.


    We hope your visit to the Mall of Switzerland is a pleasant one.


    Please click here to view our Mall rules in PDF format.

Center Management

Welcome to Center Management. You’ll find us on the 4th floor of the Mall of Switzerland. We are a team of marketing, facility management, leasing, property management and tenant coordination specialists that attends to the needs and concerns of the Mall’s customers and guests.

Please feel free to call us on +41 (0)41 349 60 01 to schedule an appointment.

We are available by telephone from Monday to Friday from 9.00 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 17.00 (excluding public holidays).

Mall of Switzerland
Center Management
Ebisquare-Strasse 1
6030 Ebikon

Tel. +41 (0)41 349 60 01

The Center Management of the Mall of Switzerland is represented by:

Multi Switzerland AG
Ebisquare-Strasse 1
6030 Ebikon

Tel. +41 (0)41 349 60 01

Bitte loggen Sie sich ein:





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