Surf in any weather

On the first indoor surf wave in Switzerland

The perfect wave

The name of OANA does not come from anywhere. OANA is derived from a Hawaiian word and means nothing less than family and the unique feeling when you can support each other and achieve great things together. This is exactly what we want to offer our guests: Our home will also be the new home of our visitors! A place where you can feel comfortable, enjoy and experience unforgettable moments together.
Not only is surfing on 1,200 m2, visitors are invited to watch the surfers, enjoy lunch, an aperitif or a cosy dinner in the in-house bowlery or visit one of the many events and workshops in the event lab. OANA is also an ideal location for private and business events. Last but not least, you can also browse through the shop, experience an afternoon of play with your family or simply experience the good vibes and the holiday feeling in the heart of Switzerland.
The Swiss surf community and all surf enthusiasts have finally found a new meeting place and a home. Here everyone can fulfil their dream of surfing in Switzerland, from big to small. This is made possible by the "standing wave" in the heart of the location. This is an artificially generated wave on which surfing is possible for children from 6 years of age and adults alike. The Citywave® technology of ATV is used for this. The technology is currently the world's leading technology for standing waves and was selected by the operators after extensive market analysis and many test rides for the hot spot in Switzerland.
Visitors enjoy a wave height of up to 1.4 meters for about 45 minutes at tropical temperatures, which can be adjusted to the individual surf level at any time. That means no matter if beginner or professional, the indoor wave makes every surfer's heart beat faster.
In addition to surfing, OANA also offers a unique environment for drinking and eating. And it's really fresh, nutritious and varied. In the Bowlery - as the name suggests - all dishes are served in a small to large or giant bowl. The visitor can put together the colourful content at the counter himself. With basics from rice or quinoa, numerous additives such as racy meatballs, juicy chicken or fresh fish to tasty vegetables and fruit supplements, you get everything your heart desires.
Besides, you can enjoy a coffee of your choice from the in-house barista or try the beer of the largest Swiss surf club, the Wave Up beer. Of course, there is also a beach and summer feeling throughout the year: you can head your own coconut on the spot and refresh yourself after a ride on the wave and enjoy life to the fullest.
Last but not least, the OANA location is also suitable for private and business events. No matter if the personal birthday party, the customer event or the Christmas dinner with the employees. Thanks to the unique possibility to pack an extraordinary and sporty experience directly into the event, memories are guaranteed to be created in this special location.
Packages in various price categories and for different group sizes from 2 to 120 persons offer a complete program and easy handling for the organizer. The event lab can also be rented exclusively with the Citywave® for 60 or more people and with a very individual programme. With its own live-marketing and event agency, OANA can also flexibly and dynamically create unique moments for larger events and thus support future hosts.
Also the celebration for the general public is not neglected in the OANA: it is even placed in the foreground. A packed event calendar with events on the subject of surfing invites visitors to get to know the special lifestyle. The in-house Academy offers everything from surf photography workshops and yoga lessons to surfboard shape workshops and afternoons for children's handicrafts. On the weekends there will be surf night sessions, contests, parties, movie premieres, concerts and much more.