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Shopping mall: Closed |
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Kaleidoskop - Kinderland

Due to the current federal measures, the Kaleidoscope remains temporarily closed.

To ensure that shopping at the Mall of Switzerland is a fun experience for children, too, Kinderland has an indoor play area offering 1,500 square metres of space where kids can run around, play and learn. Switzerland’s largest Kinderland playground features a unique concept. A name like Kaleidoskop promises children a chance to immerse themselves in a more colourful world.  Kaleidoskop Kinderland has several different thematic areas, all of which recreating typical aspects of Switzerland.

The name Kaleidoskop promises to deliver a fascinating world of colourful experiences. There, you’ll find both competent, comprehensive childcare plus a cool indoor adventure playground divided into two separate areas: “Mini-Land” for newborns and toddlers and “Maxi-Land”, which offers a fantastic world of excitement for children ages five and up. Games, fun and exercise are guaranteed.

Kinderland was designed by the specialists at TheLeisureWay. TheLeisureWay has realised a multitude of innovative Kinderland projects around the world  in shopping center environments such as the “Wiener Donau Zentrum” in Vienna, Austria, or the “Mar Shopping Loulé” in Portugal. True to its philosophy: “Leisure is a state of mind”.


Baby - Land 0 - 2 yearsUp to 90 minutesCHF 13.90; after that, another CHF 2.00 for every additional ¼ hour
Mini - Land 2 - 5 yearsUp to 60 minutesCHF 9.00; after that, another CHF 2.00 for every additional ¼ hour
Maxi - Land 5 - 12 yearsUp to 60 minutesCHF 9.00; after that, another CHF 2.00 for every additional ¼ hour

Transform every birthday into a one-of-a-kind gift

What better way to celebrate a child’s birthday than with a birthday party at Kaleidoskop Kinderland, surrounded by his or her very closest friends. It’s sure to be a huge hit - with everybody. Kids love the endless opportunities to play and have fun plus the unique, creative themes. To sum it up: your children will be happy here – and that makes life easier for you. Of course, entrance is free for the birthday boy or girl. They’ll receive a small gift from us and be treated like royalty. Drinks and cake for every child are included in the price.

Please contact the operator directly for the exact opening hours. Thanks you!

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