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Shopping mall: Closed |
Leisure building: Closed

Indoor Surf

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An oasis for surfers

An oasis for surfers, fans of summer and people who love having a good time.

Expect a one-of-a-kind experience in this 1,200 square metre facility: The indoor Citywave wave pool always has the best waves plus you’ll find tasty bowls of delicious food in the restaurant, lounge and bar as well as lots of surfing-themed events.

Surfing at OANA

The standing wave creates just the right conditions to let you experience pure surfing bliss. Enjoy tropical water temperatures and a perfect wave up to 1.4 metres in height during an approximately 45-minute private session or an open session with no  more than 10 surfers. The wave can also be adjusted individually to accommodate your individual skill level. No matter if you’re an absolute beginner or seasoned pro - our indoor wave will make any surfer’s heart leap for joy 360 days a year.

Parties at OANA

Whether you have a birthday, club outing, product presentation or customer event, Oana will make the perfect venue for your next private or business event. Each and every one of them is sure to be a big hit with our in-house catering services, wide range of entertainment options for your guests and the biggest eye-catcher of all: Switzerland’s one and only indoor surfing facility.

Due to the current situation, the indoor surfing facility is temporarily closed.

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