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CECIL & Street One

New collections


The sun is finally out in May, which is why we are delighted to have a wide variety of materials. Linen items are the perfect companion on warm days and are great to combine with the new floral styles. In combination with casual trousers or denim, colorful splashes of "Fresh Salvia" and "Strawberry Red" create new favorite looks that will accompany us through the summer.


Street One:

Collection 05 is particularly captivating with the new purple and pink shades such as "Magnolia Pink" and "Bellflower Lilac". Especially in combination with cool denim or dark blue, the two colors look particularly casual and add a colorful touch to any outfit. Wide pants are also in focus this season. They impress with their airiness on warm days as well as their particularly comfortable fit. Those who like patterns can go for flower prints in this collection, but fans of plain outfits will also get their money's worth.

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